Dig Boston CHRIS FARAONE reports 5.24.2019 –

Dear Reader,

I have come to give you a report from the front lines of reporting in the future. The battlefield is ravaged, with limbs of stubborn old-school hacks blown all about; still, there is light in independent media, for we have come to understand that competition is a lock while cooperation is key.

Such soothsaying was possible last week in Philadelphia, where DigBoston co-publisher John Loftus and I joined more than 150 change agents who take pride in pushing buttons and envelopes. Hosted by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University in New Jersey, the gathering showcased the potential of not only journalists working with other journalists and outlets, but also of reporters connecting with nonprofits, activists, and an increasingly participatory public.

There’s a lot of hope out there. We… Share More: