In her court challenge, the journalist alleged:

  • had no system in place to enable her to deal with the trauma of her work
  • failed to provide support and training in covering traumatic events, including from qualified peers
  • did not intervene when she and others complained
  • transferred her to court reporting after she had complained of being unable to cope with trauma experienced from previous crime reporting.

The Conversation. com reports 3.05.2019 – A landmark ruling by an Australian court is expected to have international consequences for newsrooms, with media companies on notice they face large compensation claims if they fail to take care of journalists who regularly cover traumatic events.

The Victorian County Court accepted the potential for psychological damage on those whose work requires them to report on traumatic events, including violent crimes. The court ruled on February 22 that an Age journalist be awarded $180,000 for psychological injury suffered during the decade she worked at the Melbourne-based newspaper, from 2003 to 2013.

The journalist, known in court as “YZ” to protect her identity, reported on Share More: