Boston, MA: Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards 3.06.2019 reports –

Docket – 0460

WHEREAS: Democracy depends on a free press to promote the open exchange of ideas, promote debate and critical reflection, question authority, lift up and remember history and the story of the neighborhoods, and to seek, discover, analyze and share information that affects residents’ lives and wellbeing; and

WHEREAS:With the evolution of technology, consolidation of media outlets, increased use of freelance agents and ever-changing play field, many members of the press have experienced unstable working conditions and uncertain futures; and

WHEREAS: Recently, amidst criticism from the White House of individual journalists and the news media as an institution, the Boston Globe led outlets nationwide in a series of editorials reminding our society of the importance of the press; and

WHEREAS: Journalists and content creators are workers, with rights to reasonable pay, benefits, hours, job security, and the right to declare and investigate grievances; and

WHEREAS: The media as an institution cannot exist without the people who make the news; and

WHEREAS: Workers at WBUR have recently voted to organize as a local affiliate of SAG-AFTRA; and

WHEREAS: Members of the Bsoton Newspapaer Guild are presently negotiating with the Boston Globe,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Boston City Councilgo on record in support of the Boston Newspaper Guild, BNG-TNG/CWA local 31245, in negotiations with the Boston Globe, and in support of workers at WBUR who have voted to organize with SAG-AFTRA.

Filed in City Council: March 6, 2019