Boston, MA: In response to a letter by the union representing Boston Globe employees, owner John Henry said that “public rhetoric that grossly misstates and mischaracterizes proposals does a disservice to everyone.”

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Media Nation by Dan Kennedy. net reports 2.27.2019 – Contract negotiations between The Boston Globe and the Boston Newspaper Guild are becoming increasingly tense, with the Guild accusing management of union-busting and Globe publisher John Henry denying it.

John Henry’s sends an email to the Boston Business Journal in response to the Guild’s letter. The highlight:

Globe management has set a very simple but very important goal of strengthening our newsroom for the challenges of a long-term future in local journalism. The Globe and the guild need to engage in a collaborative effort designed to ensure what both sides need in order to have a vibrant workplace and serve the needs of our community.

This has been ugly right from the start, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. Share More:

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