Editor’s Note: Media Mogul Dean Singleton and his gang of cost cutters are known as “The Flesh Eaters”, coined by The Times (New Jersey) of Trenton in 1981. Katherine Graham and The Washington Post sold The Trenton Times to Albritton Communications which placed Dean Singleton on board to reduced legacy staff. Singleton created minimum wage $ 3.35 hourly unlimited freelance opportunities for local college students.  The newspaper grew to 5 morning editions.

News Strong news – Chicago, IL: Chicago Tribune reports 1.13.2020.

Notice of the voluntary separation offer was sent to all Tribune Publishing employees Monday, but only those employed for eight or more years are eligible. Details of the scope and terms of the buyout were not immediately disclosed, but participation is designed to “avoid turning to company-wide reductions of the workforce as a last resort,” Tribune Publishing CEO Tim Knight said in an email to employees.